Electrical Panel Repair

Electrical Panel Repairs

Problems with your breaker panel should be addressed immediately to prevent a number of potential dangers in your home. Though some electrical issues may seem to be nothing more than a nuisance, they can signal bigger problems with your electrical panel that could increase the risk of fire or electrical shock.

How to Know if Your Electrical Service Panel Needs Repairs

Also known as a fuse box, fuse panel, and circuit breaker panel, your electrical service panel plays a very important role in your household. Similarly to how a heart distributes blood throughout the body, your electrical panel is trusted to distribute electricity throughout your home.

Common Hazards Which May Indicate A Need For Electrical Panel Repair

  • Overloaded or Faulty Circuit Breaker
  • Main Panel Full/Overloaded
  • Direct Short
  • damaged Bar Buss
  • Adding Solar, Pool, A/C or E.V. Charging Station
  • Damage to wiring
  • Aging Panel Excessive Moister

How do I know if my electrical panel needs to be repaired?

When lights in your home start to flicker on the same circuit or when the fuses short out due to heavy voltage loads, it’s time to have a licensed electrician inspect your electrical panel to assess and repair the issues. Older homes are especially prone to electrical problems and should be evaluated to prevent possible fires caused by outdated fuse boxes. In some cases, an upgrade or complete replacement of the panel is the most effective solution.

Why is Panel humming?

Overloaded Breaker/Circuit or short.

Hot to touch?

 Overloaded Main breaker (seek Repair IMMEDIATELY!)

Lights dim when turn on appliances?

Wired on same circuit. Newer homes are separated and are fed with Dedicated Circuits preventing dimming
and in some cases overloaded Neutral.

Looking for Electrical Panel Repairs?