EV Charging Station Installation

What Are EV Charging stations

E.V Charging Stations connected to a  240 Volt Dedicated Circuit will increase the cars charging rate exponentially.
These Chargers can be purchased Aftermarket by the Customer and very in Amps and Price.
Some TRAVEL CHARGERS like TESLA will recognize a 240-volt circuit and pull 32 Amps if connected to a 40 Amp Dedicated Circuit.
(Charge rate about 30 miles per hour)
Chevy Volt/Leaf only need a 20 Amp 240 Volt Circuit and will charge at 16 Amps, Common aftermarket charges can pull 30 Amps

“240 Volt Dedicated E.V. Circuits” Range In Price Depending On:

  • Availability/Space in Main Electrical Panel
  • Distance From Main Panel
  • Amount of Amps Required by Charger and Wire Size
  • Inside or Outside (GFI) Mounting
  • Wall Fish Romex or Flex/EMT Conduit

Benefits Of EV Charging Stations

  • Save Time
  • More Efficient
  • Charge at Low Peak Hours
  • Save Money on Electric Bill
  • Charge at Home
  • Adjustable Charge Rate
Call with the Make of Car, Charging Station, Amount of Amps Desired, Approximate Distance from Panel and a Picture of your Main Electrical Panel and we should be able to quote a price over the phone.

Types Of EV Charging Stations

Looking to get an EV Charging Station Installed?