Wiring Installation

Electrical wiring installation

We Specialize in Residential 120 or 240 Volt Dedicated Circuits.
Electric Vehicle, Welder, Compressor, G.F.I. Spa’s and Sub Panel Installation’s.

Our Goal:

Adding Electrical Wiring, Fixtures and some Energy Efficient Appliances.
Working around and Protecting our customer’s delicate furnishings and leaving without a trace of any construction.

Benefits of Wiring Installation

  • Cost Saving
  • Keeps The Electrical System Efficient
  • Keeps you Safe
  • Avoiding Electrical Appliance Malfunction

How many types of wiring are there?

  1. ROMEX
  2. EMT
  3. FLEX
  4. Underground PVC
  5. G.F.I. Protected
  6. A.F.I. Protected

Why should I hire a pro to install my wiring?

Most local codes require electrical wiring installation to be done by a licensed electrician. This ensures the work will meet safety standards and protects you from injury, loss, and liability. In locations where wire can be installed without a license, hiring a qualified electrician is the best way to make sure your wiring is installed correctly.

Looking for Professional Wiring Installation?